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If you’re seeking a convenient family dental center, Advance Dental Care of Farmington, CT is here to assist you and your family in attaining optimal oral health. Our proficient Farmington dentists offer comprehensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services to patients of all ages, including children as young as six months. Serving the community since 2000, our local dentist office remains a reliable option for all your dental needs.

Why Us?

Advance Dental Care provides top class care from qualified dentists using advanced equipment. Patient education and communication are taken seriously in this hospital. Every patient must clearly understand all aspects of their treatment and feel well during their visit.

All-In-One Practice

Advance Dental Care is a one stop practice covering preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, emergency dentistry and oral surgery. They aim at offering a complete and high-quality dental treatment on a single floor.

Multiple Speciality

Advance Dental Care is a versatile practice that caters to many dental specialties and can provide customized solutions for different patient demands. These services include preventive care, aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery.

Convenient Appointment

Advance Dental Care understands the importance of convenience when it comes to scheduling appointments. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate patients with busy lifestyles.

Providing High-Quality Dental Services in Farmington CT

From Advance Dental Care of Farmington, CT – come, let us provide you with the wide array of professional dental care service. Farmington is proud of its wide range of treatments that they offer their patients. Our dental services encompass a wide spectrum, including:

Services offered include: Braces, Children’s dental care, Cosmetic dentistry services, Dental exams & teeth cleaning, Dental implant services, Emergency dentist, Fillings, crowns & bridges, Full dentures & partial dentures, General dentistry services, Implant-supported dentures, Invisalign®, Laser dentistry for oral lesions, Perio Protect®, Porcelain veneers, Root canal & endodontics, Sleep apnea treatment, Teeth whitening, Tooth extractions.
Do not worry; we will take good care of you by preventing, restoring, rebuilding or beautifying teeth. If you need a personalized treatment, make an appointment so that we may better understand what your individual goals are.

Dental Services in Farmington
Dentist in Farmington CT Dentist in Farmington CT

Achieve a Beautiful Smile with Advance Dental Care in Farmington, CT

Dental office serving in Farmington, Unionville, and Avon CT

The advance dental care, which concentrates on your orall and healthy life quality will welcome you. We have a group of competent, professionally-skilled dental practitioners who offer quality services for diverse age groups. Advance Dental Care recognizes the value of a good smile, and provides treatment options for different needs, customised to suit you well.

Expect personalized and caring attention when you come to our office in Farmington, CT. We cover anything from routine check ups and cleaning to root canals, crowns, bridges and cosmetic dentistry. During your visit, we use advanced technology such as digital x-rays, intraoral cameras and laser dentistry for precision and efficiency.

In all cases, at Advance Dental Care we offer superior dental materials and procedures such that you get the most modern and comfortable care there is. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable while in the office for the appointment by ensuring it feels like home away from home.

We want your oral health because this is the first thing that will tell you if your mouth can be happy with all the teeth remaining strong and attractive. Book an appointment with us right now and learn how excellent dental treatment catered for individual needs improves life.

Meet our team

At Advance Dental Care of Farmington, our team of dental professionals is dedicated to their work and finds joy in serving the patients of Farmington. Through a patient-focused approach and fostering trust, we strive to provide high-quality dental care services as your trusted partners in oral health.
Dr Abbas Doctor Farmington, CT

Dr. Abbas Khan

Dr Zainab Khan Doctor Farmington, CT

Dr. Zainab Khan

We Accept a Variety of Dental Insurance Plans at Our Dental Office in Farmington, CT

Finding a dental provider that accepts your dental insurance should be easy. At Advance Dental Care of Farmington, CT, we ensure that we accept most major dental insurance plans. Our dedication to our patients underscores our commitment to ensuring they receive covered care in Farmington.

Dental Excellence in Farmington, CT - Skilled Professionals for All Your Oral Health Needs

Are You Looking for Dentist in Unionville or Farmington CT?

If you need to locate the best dentist around, then do not search any more – see us at Advance Dental Care. Our emphasis is on high quality management with a focus on delivering unparalleled service to our patients every time. We have qualified, kind-hearted, friendly dental people with great pride for their works so that your care is excellent.

Advance Dental Care provides a wide variety of unique service options customized for you. We value patient knowledge and information. However, we spend much on time explaining every procedure and treatment we offer here, so as you get answers to your questions. Our approach gives you power to choose for yourself what is best for your teeth health. That’s why you are able to play a key role during your dental care pathway.

Visiting the dentist can be an intimidating experience for some people. Therefore, we have established a friendly atmosphere so that you will feel relaxed while visiting. We strive to ensure that each time you visit our offices, your experience remains satisfactory, easy and pleasant.

Yet, such dental care does not end here. The community commitment, however, goes hand in hand with our passion here at AOL. We are also involved in many community projects that we offer our time and assistance towards helping the poor members of society. In short, by selecting Advance Dental Unionville, you are picking a group of people with passion – for you and the neighborhood.

Therefore, if you want a dental provider who is concerned about your health and takes good care of their patients, communicates effectively and is active in the society, consider no one else but us. Book for an appointment now and see how our contribution in your dental care journey can be felt.

confidently smile with advance dental care

Preventive Dental Treatment In Farmington, Ct

Preventative aspects of dental care are the main pillars in the quest for good oral health and at our practice in Farmington, CT. In fact, we are quite convinced that prevention is better than cure and the same applies to dentistry. Therefore, we emphasize on comprehensive preventive dentistry to ensure your keep smiling with perfect teeth.

We have many kinds of preventive dentistry treatments ready for you when you come to our office. This will entail carrying out regular check-ups as well as cleaning every part of your teeth, gums, and jaw for any signs of decays or diseases that might be present. From these digital x rays, we are able to see problems that would not have been apparent to the naked eye and therefore prevent them early on.

Along with complete checks, we also provide you with fluoride mouthwashes and dental sealants. Your teeth are protected from decay by these dental services and this enables you to smile hard. Our activities include also oral cancer screenings what is an important stage of precocity diagnostics increasing possibility of the effective therapy.

However, preventive dental treatment embraces this and much more. We go out of our way in training you on appropriate oral care routines such as brushing and flossing. We discuss ways that one can attain good oral hygiene through consumption of healthy diets and making informed choices about lifestyles, thus being active in their dental care.

This is another indispensable aspect of our preventive approach. Proficiently scalling of plaque accumulation and tarter build-up, maintaining in order health for dentition and preventing halitosis.

With this preventive care, we are able to catch any issue before it becomes a problem, giving you the best possible education on proper dental hygiene practices. Preventing dental diseases forms the basis of our team’S service. With our expertise and a personal touch

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