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Advance Dental Care is the one and only trusted dentist in Farmington, CT, and we have been offering premium dental care since our doors opened in 2000. We have a great team of experts who will provide you with the full range of dental treatments that are tailored to your needs. From ordinary checkups to complex ones such as implants and root canals, our ultramodern facility will cater to all your oral health concerns. At Advance Dental Care, we give it a personal touch on how we handle you and your health.

Why Us?

Advance Dental Care provides top class care from qualified dentists using advanced equipment. Patient education and communication are taken seriously in this hospital. Every patient must clearly understand all aspects of their treatment and feel well during their visit.

All-In-One Practice

Advance Dental Care is a one stop practice covering preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, emergency dentistry and oral surgery. They aim at offering a complete and high-quality dental treatment on a single floor.

Multiple Speciality

Advance Dental Care is a versatile practice that caters to many dental specialties and can provide customized solutions for different patient demands. These services include preventive care, aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery.

Convenient Appointment

Advance Dental Care understands the importance of convenience when it comes to scheduling appointments. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate patients with busy lifestyles.

Providing High-Quality Dental Services in Farmington CT

Welcome to Advance Dental Care, where Farmington, CT gets the best dental services. Our Dentists keep in mind your personal oral hygiene routine and give you a range of professional dental care services available. We have a team devoted to providing excellent care for you and ensuring that your oral health is maintained.

Our services include teeth whitening, family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implant, emergency dentist, cleaning prevention, porcelain veneers & root canal and orthodontics & sleep apnea treatment as well as tooth extractions.

Do not worry we will give utmost care to prevent, restore, reconstruct or add more aesthetic appeal to your teeth. Visit our clinic for tailored treatments aimed at achieving your unique goals. Experience high quality dentistry services at the heart of Farmington Connecticut with us then.”

Dental Services in Farmington
Dentist in Farmington CT Dentist in Farmington CT

Our Dental Office serving in Farmington, Unionville, and Avon CT

We are glad to have you here at Advance Dental Care, where your oral and overall quality of life matters most. Our team is made up of experienced dentists who deliver high-quality services for all-age patients in Farmington, Unionville and Avon CT.
Your unique needs are important to us because we know a beautiful smile is vital to your self-confidence. We offer comprehensive dental services ranging from normal check-ups, root canal therapy to cosmetic dentistry in our office located in Farmington, CT.

Get specialized attention as well as the newest technological advancements in digital x-rays and laser dentistry for accurate and fast treatment. At Advance Dental Care our aim is to make you comfortable by providing an environment that feels like home.

To us, your oral health comes first; we want you to have a beautiful and healthy set of teeth. Come book an appointment with us today and discover how personalized dental care can improve the quality of your life.

Meet our team

At Advance Dental Care of Farmington, our team of dental professionals is dedicated to their work and finds joy in serving the patients of Farmington. Through a patient-focused approach and fostering trust, we strive to provide high-quality dental care services as your trusted partners in oral health.
Dr Abbas Doctor Farmington, CT

Dr. Abbas Khan

Dr Zainab Khan Doctor Farmington, CT

Dr. Zainab Khan

We Accept a Variety of Dental Insurance Plans at Our Dental Office in Farmington, CT

Finding a dental provider that accepts your dental insurance should be easy. At Advance Dental Care of Farmington, CT, we ensure that we accept most major dental insurance plans. Our dedication to our patients underscores our commitment to ensuring they receive covered care in Farmington.

Are You Looking for Dentist in Unionville or Farmington CT?

Do you want to find the best dentist in Farmington, CT? Advanced Dental Care is the place to go. Our aim is providing top-class treatment for our patients by hiring qualified, friendly dentists who enjoy their work. We have a variety of specialized services and consider patient education important by taking time to explain procedures thoroughly.

Advance Dental Care is aware that visiting a dentist can be so intimidating, therefore we have set up a good atmosphere that will help you relax during your appointment. Other than dental care, our responsibility spills over into other spaces of life as well; we are involved in different projects aimed at supporting those in need within our community.

Select Advance Dental Care for health-conscious dental service provider with great communication skills and give back to the society. Make your booking now and experience your dental care journey differently.

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