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While you may not dwell on your oral health, you do want to make decisions that benefit your teeth and gums. You have a daily oral hygiene routine of flossing, teeth brushing and mouth washing. You do the best you can to see your dentist every six months. You avoid consuming too much sodas and sweets. You may think you’re doing a good job and doing all you can to ensure a long-lasting smile.

But what if what you’re eating can also help or hinder your oral health? Yes, sugar is often the culprit for causing gum disease and tooth decay. You’ve likely heard your dentist tell you how sugar in certain foods and drinks can get stuck on teeth surface and between teeth and begin to decay causing plaque which destroys tooth enamel.


hile oral sickness is easy to prevent, there are still lots of children that get tooth decay. Such kids often experience pain, find it hard to sleep, and at times, undergo major dental treatments – like tooth extraction with general anesthesia.

When a child gets cavities at a much younger age, it can be assumed that he/she will also develop cavities when his permanent teeth develop. For this reason, it is crucial for kids to have good oral hygiene habits when they are still very young.


Drink More Water – In the brutal heat of the summer months keeping hydrated can be quite difficult. Being dehydrated can have adverse impact on your entire body. Swollen tongue and dry mouth are common symptoms of dehydration. Plaque and food particles are rinsed off by saliva which participate actively to give rise to tooth decay. Your mouth is at a greater infection risk without the right amount of saliva. This can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. That is why in order to ensure the normal saliva generation you must drink more water.

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